Protection dog vest


Product Details:
  • Highly protective
  • High-visibility K-STRONG
  • Safe
  • Comfortable
  • Closure high-quality Zips
  • 9 Sizes


For the best security and the correct use and functionality as well of the BTB SICURDOG, it is recommendable the insertion of the collar or the GPS radio-collar through the special loops which the Dog’s Gilet is equipped.
It is a double-color product: One high-visibility orange K-STRONGpart, where the other layer is of a high-visibility yellow K-STRONG, this is in order to immediately and easily understand the dog’s direction.
The highly technical Sicur Dog Gilet is very protective, a real anti-fang jacket, the only one in the market having, even on the outside, high-visibility K-STRONG.
Sicur Dog is been studied trough minimal details in order to guarantee a very high security, without having to remove comfort, breathability and lightness.
On the inside it is equipped of different K-STRONG’s layesrs of very high quality which guarantee the high thickness and resistance.
Sicur Dog is water-resistance and, in addition to this, it has small holes on the downside in order to let the eventual unfiltered water exit.
Sicur Dog has 2 zips which widen and tighten the Gilet as for necessity or possible size changes.
Sicur Dog is an Unisex product through which, opening up a special flap which is equipped with, it can be used even for female dogs in order to protect the dog’s belly.
It is a double-color product: One part is made of high-visibility orange K-STRONG and the other part is made of high-visibility yellow K-STRONG in order to get the dog’s direction immediately and easily.
Available in 9 different sizes