Legal warranty

Bitrabi Innovation Group Srl ensures only the correct working of the Product, so far as described in this conditions.

Bitrabi Innovation Group Srl guarantees the product for a period of 24 months (the “Warranty Period”) from the date of delivery as resulting from the purchasing document.

The Customer who wants to ask the reparation under Warranty of the Product will have to make available to Bitrabi Innovation Group S.r.l:

  • Warranty Certificate duly filled;
  • Fiscal document certifying the purchase of the Product (i.e. fiscal receipt, invoice …)

The Buyer must also indicate:

  • Defect’s nature;
  • Product’s model;
  • Serial number specified in the Product;
  • The full address of the Buyer;
  • Buyer’s telephone number.

Product’s return must be authorized in writing by Bitrabi Innovation Group S.r.l. which will assign a return authorization number. The unauthorized returns will be rejected.

Defects or malfunctions must be reported not later than 2 months from the delivery date of the product.

During the warranty period Bitrabi Innovation Group S.r.l. will take, at its own expense, without any charge or expense for the Buyer, the actions necessary to maintain or return the Product in normal operation, to repair or replace the Product and/or any of its components.

Repairs or warranty operations are carried out exclusively by Bitrabi Innovation Group Srl or only by technical persons authorized by the latter.

For repairs to be carried out during the Warranty Period, the product will be delivered by buyer at the offices of Bitrabi Innovation Group Srl in Gaggio Montano (BO).

The goods will travel at risk of the Customer.

Before any product’s repair or replacement, the buyer is obliged to make backup of any data contained in the product or components subject to intervention.
Bitrabi Innovation Group S.r.l. assumes no responsibility for any personal information that may be damaged, altered or destroyed during the operation itself. If access to data is password protected, this must be removed by the buyer before the product’s delivery for reparation or replacement.

The warranty is not recognized on the product and its components subjected to abrasion, if the fault is attributable to normal use and not to a manufacturing defect.

On the accessories any reparation or replacement is provided.

The warranty is void if:

  • External causes derived from behaviour attributable to the Buyer (ex: liquids, neglect, or shock damage, falls, Over Voltage, Over Current, tampering, even by third parties);
  • cancellation or tampering of the Product’s serial number and / or the warranty seal;
  • use of unoriginal parts;
  • damage caused by battery fluid;
  • installation not in accordance with the technical specifications of Bitrabi Innovation Group S.r.l. or producer, if not the latter;
  • accident events, such as electric shock and / or voltages not in accordance with the specifications of the product;
  • improper use of the product;
  • incorrect or improper installation or use of software and / or hardware, or not compatible with the documentation delivered by Bitrabi Innovation Group S.r.l .or producer, if not the latter;
  • damage, accidents and breakdowns caused by transport carried out by the buyer or by a carrier charged by him;
  • loss by the buyer of the Tax document or the copy proving the purchasing date of the product;
  • opening and / or modification of the product by the user or by different persons out of BITRABI Innovation Group service assistance;
  • repairs performed by unauthorized personnel.

In the cases referred to the previous point, the damage will be repaired (if repairable), at buyer’s expense.