Product Details:
  • Ideale per tutti i tipi di caccia
  • Mappa topografica + satellitare
  • Oltre i 70km in open space
  • QR CODE integrato e sistema statistiche 
  • No sim card
OPEN MAP - Unico


BS3000 OpenMap Unico is a localizer device for dogs, easy and intuitive and for all type of hunts and hunters. You have the possibility to select from the Menu the hunting modality, with hounds or pointing dogs.

With BS3000 OpenMap Unico you can see automatically on a topographic offline map the position of your dog(s) (it’s possible to save up to 1000 different radio collars on the localizer) at great distances: more than 70 km in open space.

BS3000 OpenMap Unico is a radio-GPS localizer without any additional cost: no needs of SIM Card, nor phone coverage.

With BS3000 OpenMap Unico you can select the automatic update of the dog’s position among 3/5/8 seconds or 1/2/3 minutes.

BS3000 OpenMap Unico has a QR Code function: you can see the position of the dog on your mobile phone and, if necessary, share it with other people.

It’s available in WiFi version: you have the possibility to connect and share information with other Android* systems, such as smart-phones, tablets and smart-watches.

BS3000 OpenMap Unico has other specific functions: Bark counter and statistic view, to see all the information of every dog, saved during every hunting day.

BS3000 OpenMap Unico: the only one, unique, for everybody!

Technical features:

  • Battery: LiPo rechargeable battery, 3.7V 3600 mA without memory effect

  • Autonomy: 20 hours of use

  • Dimensions: 190x39x76 mm

  • Weight: 279 gr

  • Water resistant: IP 44

  • 2 years warranty

  • Made in Italy

*with operating system starting from Android 4.4 W(API 21)