Product Details:​
  • Ideato per cani da ferma
  • Gps di ultimissima generazione per la distanza
  • Posizione del cane molto precisa
  • Avviso cane in ferma/rottura ferma


BS3003 Evomap Elite is a GPS localizer conceived exclusively for pointing dogs, with specific software and screens, in order to satisfy all hunters’ expectations.

BS3003 Evomap Elite is a very fast and precise GPS localizer: you can receive on the localizer the automatic update of the position of your dog every 3 seconds, in order to know exactly what your dog is doing, if it’s pointing or is running.

With BS3003 Evomap Elite you can see automatically on a topographic offline map the position of your dog, or through distance and direction with a compass.

BS3003 Evomap Elite has a QR Code function: you can see the position of the dog on your mobile phone and, if necessary, share it with other people.

It’s available in WiFi version: you have the possibility to connect and share information with other Android* systems, such as smart-phones, tablets and smart-watches.

BS3003 Evomap Elite: designed for you, developing your ideas!

Technical features:

  • Battery: LiPo rechargeable battery, 3.7V 3600 mAh without memory effect

  • Autonomy: 20 hours of use

  • Sizes: 190x39x76 mm

  • Weight: 279 gr

  • Water resistant: IP 44

  • 2 years warranty

  • Made in Italy

*with operating system starting from Android 4.4 W(API 21)