Product Details:​
  • Compatto
  • Nessun tasto di accensione/spegnimento
  • Ideato per cani da ferma
  • Gps + suono + vibrazione + addestramento


BS993 ELITE V2 is the only GPS radio-collar in the world conceived for those who hunt with pointing dogs. It’s equipped with integrated sound on the radio-collar (Beeper)**, vibration and electric stimulation as training system*. You can activate and manage all features through the localizer.

The sound available on the GPS radio-collar BS993 ELITE V2 can be used as beeper**, especially during hunting with pointing dogs, and you can choose among 9 different types of sound, or with coercive training function through “annoying” sound, together with vibration and electric stimulation*.

Main feature of BS993 ELITE V2 is the possibiliy to set the pointing and break alarm: the collar detect after the selected time, when the dog is pointing, this information will be displayed on the localizer.

Thanks to an advanced technology, BS993 ELITE V2 doesn’t have interferences with other GPS radio-collars, therefore no problems with signal bounces and you are sure to locate always your dog(s).

BS993 ELITE V2 has no button to switch it ON or OFF, you can then switch it ON or OFF only with the localizer where it’s saved. Thanks to this feature, noone can switch the collar OFF, even accidentally.

BS993 ELITE V2 is a GPS radio-collar that doesn’t require the use of SIM card, phone coverage, nor additional costs.

All new and revolutionary collars of this ELITE V2 series are compatible with all the GPS localizer of the series BS102, BS103 and BS3000.

*Caution: Carefully consult your country’s laws before using this function.

**beeper compatible with the new rules according to the Italian Ministry of Health

Technical features:

  • Battery: LiPo rechargeable battery, 3.7V 1800 mAh without memory effect

  • Autonomy: 70/80 hours of use

  • Sizes: 80x62x56 mm

  • Collar lenght: 580mm

  • Weight: 259 gr

  • Waterproof: IP 67

  • Included: Electrodes set for training function + plastic plugs

  • 2 years warranty

  • Made in Italy